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Extensions utility provides the list of domain names and file extensions
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Camtech 2000

Extensions is a freeware utility that provides the user with the possible domain names and file extensions available. The utility is organized into domains and the file extension listing in alphabetical order. Owing to the huge size of the list of file extensions, Extensions organizes it into group of A to I, J to Q and R to Z.

Extensions help in locating the Domain extensions without the need of accessing the net. It is a helpful utility to identify the type of file when we receive a file with an uncommon extension. Most often when we try to open a file with an extension not familiar with the system, system prompts us to choose the program from the system list or search for the program to open the file from the net. Wrong association of the file to a program can be a difficult experience for normal users. Extensions help in identifying the extension to the program concerned by its simple easy to use interface.

Search facility is provided in the utility to locate a particular file but it is limited to searching on the list of items under the particular filter. If the file extensions are set to be filtered on A-I, the search facility searches the search criteria in the list of extensions under A to I. Extensions concentrates on the popular listings and constant changes to the domains and file extensions are not reflected.

Extensions works on operating systems -Windows 95, 98, 2000, ME, NT and XP.

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  • Easy to use interface
  • Search facility
  • Lists the obsolete and old extensions
  • Supports most of the Windows operating systems


  • Lack of daily updates
  • Windows Vista is not supported
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